The Vira Brotherhood was an ancient order dating back to before the Origin was discovered; members of the Brotherhood - known as "Vira" were born with the ability to manipulate gravity and mass with their minds.


The Brotherhood was founded in GSY 7032, by a Valden named Alstreya, she was the first Vira to be born, and after discovering her talents she sought out other beings with similar abilities.

Divisions of the Vira BrotherhoodEdit

The Brotherhood was divided into two separate branches, Vira Adepts and Vira Peacekeepers.

The branch a newly recruited Vira was placed in was determined by an Elder upon the recruit's induction, those who were more aggressive and combat-oriented are placed with the Peacekeepers. The more contemplative Vira were placed with the Adepts.

Vira RanksEdit

(In ascending order)

  • Learner
  • Apprentice
  • Adept / Peacekeeper
  • Sage / Knight
  • Master / Vanguard
  • Elder
  • Eldest

Relationship with the polities of The TwinsEdit

The Brotherhood was neutral in the conflicts of The Twins, or it was supposed to be. Generally the Brotherhood would only offer their services on a large scale for incidents involving both galaxies. Individual Vira were permitted to involve themselves in conflicts that threatened their home galaxy, but it was generally frowned upon by the Elders.

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