Vira'kai were Vira born with powers that were exceptional even for Vira. Typically a Vira'kai was only born once every five or six generations, but when a Vira'kai was identified they were typically granted the rank of Eldest and placed in charge of the Brotherhood. In the entire history of The Twins only 48 Vira'kai were identified (this number is based on Brotherhood archives and as such its accuracy is questionable given the history of the Brotherhood).


Vira'kai typically had exactly the same powers as traditional Vira, but much more powerful versions. Where a Vira may have been able to lift a Lev, a Vira'kai may have been able to lift a cruiser. Vira'kai also had abilities not centered around the concept of mass and gravity, they were also capable of telepathy, mind alteration, healing, and to a small degree, precognition.

Vira'kai precognitive abilities were limited and not always 100% accurate. For example a Vira'kai may have be able to tell you if you were going to be killed in several days, but the details would be vague, location very general, timeframe fairly large.

Known Vira'KaiEdit

  • Jacob Starlighter was one of the most well known Vira'kai prior to the Brotherhood's destruction during the Etheri Incursion. Starlighter initially abdicated the title of Eldest, as he felt he was too young and inexperienced. But when the Brotherhood was in danger of collapse halfway through the Incursion, he took position as Eldest. He was unable to save the Brotherhood, but able to save the Twins.

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