Vira were beings born with the ability to manipulate gravity and mass with their minds, most Vira were inducted into the Vira Brotherhood at a young age.

The "traditional" way to refer to Vira was either "My Lord" or "My Lady", but most beings were unaware of this, and most Vira were humble enough to prefer not being referred to as such; most simply preferred their rank or name.



Vira were capable of manipulating gravity and mass with their minds, this ranged from throwing things around to creating localized gravity wells. In combat, most Vira used their abilities to create a small gravity well and propel it with enough force to destroy mechanical objects and cause internal damage to most organic beings.

The Vira ability to manipulate mass assists them in moving large objects, by lowering the mass of the object. Vira are also capable of manipulating their own mass, allowing them to move very quickly and jump great distances.

Vira abilities in their natural form are fairly weak in most cases; Vira wore a device called an "Adjunct" to enhance their abilities.


Vira abilities manifest themselves at birth; and all Vira were conceived in hyperspace. It was believed that it had something to do with an interaction between hyperspace radiation and a ship's gravity generators. Two Vira conceiving a child in hyperspace had nearly a 100% chance of producing a Vira child.


Once every few generations a very powerful Vira emerged, this Vira was referred to as Vira'kai. Typically only one Vira'kai was alive at a time. Vira'kai had more powerful versions of normal Vira abilities, and could typically muster them without the use of an Adjunct. On top of their enhanced Vira abilities, Vira'kai also had many other abilities, mainly focusing on the mind - manipulation, telepathy, and to a degree, precognition. Vira'kai were also capable of healing injuries with their minds. Vira'kai were typically granted the rank of Eldest given their powers.


Vira were recruited at a young age, sought out by specially trained Elders, called "Seekers". After centuries of training, seekers were capable of detecting newly born Vira by a unique gravitational field generated by the Vira at the moment of their birth.

Seekers could not pinpoint the newborn Vira quickly, it generally took over a year to locate a new Vira.

Once a Seeker located a new Vira, they made a trip to their homeworld and paid them a visit. Seekers always asked a parent's permission first, and parent's weren't always willing to give up their children, this resulted in a fairly large population of untrained Vira who were unaware of their abilities. These beings were referred to as the "Unawakened" by other Vira.