Tanis Particles were a type of particle found only in wormholes, most notably in the Origin.

Normal Tanis particle counts only affected a few species, but high counts could affect almost any species, mostly causing nausea and discomfort.


Species that are affected by normal particle counts were:

  • Human: Intensity varies, some will experience only minor effects, others will only be able to withstand a few hours of exposure per year. High particle counts can be fatal in excess of 3 standard hours of exposure.
  • Deneri: Extreme nausea even at low particle founts. Unconsciousness at mid-to-high counts. Rarely fatal.
  • Madyrn: Exposure is fatal after 1.5 standard hours of exposure.
  • D'Auva: After approximately half a standard hour of exposure to even low particle founts, D'Auva will lose feeling in their legs, this will wear off quite rapidly after the ship exits the wormhole.