A starship is a vessel specifically designed to travel between Star Systems.

Starships are generally propelled by Ion Drives for sublight travel, and Hyperdrives for interstellar travel. Most starships are heavily armed and defended due to the dangers of space travel, such as pirates. Starships are generally defended by three types of energy shields:

  • Mag-shields: Mag-shields produce a magnetic field around the ship that deflects blaster fire by breaking up the magnetic containment field around the plasma bolt.
  • Deflector shields: Deflectors are designed to deflect microscopic space debris and dust, without deflectors, ships would be torn apart by even the smallest particles when at high velocities.
  • Kinetic-repulsion shields: Repulsion shields are similar to deflectors, but are designed to deflect objects of significant mass and velocity. Due to the large amounts of power kinetic repulsion shields require, Deflectors must also be generated when repulsion shields are offline.

All three of these shields are often colloquially referred to as "Barriers".

A starship is controlled from the bridge, a control room from which the ship is helmed. Smaller ships such as starfighters generally just have a cockpit.

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