The Galaxy / The Outer Rim / Thentanus
Orbital Distance: 6.3 SU
Orbital Period: 2.31 standard years
Radius: 7,136 km
Day Length: 46 standard hours
Atm. Pressure: 1 std.
Surface Temp: 288 °K
Surface Gravity: 1.8 g
Mass: 6.3791 × 10^24 kg
Satellites: 56

Location: The GalaxyThe Outer RimThentanus SystemFifth planet


Kodus was the homeworld of humans, a species with a lifespan of 500 standard years. Kodus was considered to be a very standard world, diverse flora and fauna, many biomes. The only thing that made it differ from a standard Garden world was it's high gravity.

Travel AdvisoryEdit

Kodus had a high surface gravity; non-human travellers were advised to spend the majority of their time on Kodus in buildings or vehicles equipped with Contragravity systems.

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