Kinetic Screens utilized a wall gravity fields to deflect incoming physical objects; ranging from mass driver rounds to micrometeoroids and space dust.

This wall was kept up by one or more dedicated generators, as more and more material impacted the screen the generator was subjected to more and more stress. Eventually emergency safety systems disengage the screen to prevent the generator from overloading. Overriding these safety systems would keep the screens up for slightly longer, but eventually the generator would overload and cause massive internal damage to the ship.

Kinetic screens could be installed on ships, planetary installations, or personal armour, but the main design was the same just on different scales.

Kinetic screens were almost always layered with energy screens to provide defence against multiple types of threat.

The strength of Kinetic screens was directly proportionate to the energy generation capability of the structure they were installed on. Large amounts of rapid fire would trigger the safety systems, shutting down the generator, but small amounts of matter impacting the screen over a long period of time would not affect the generator in such a way.