The Intergalactic Standard Calendar was the main method of measuring time in The Twins. It was adopted by most major governments mainly for its simplicity.


Years are written as: GSY [Year] Dates are written as: [Day].[Month].[Year]

Days of The WeekEdit

  1. Primeday
  2. Transday
  3. Iriday
  4. Khetday
  5. Paraday


Foundation Era: GSY 10588 - GSY 10678 (90 Years) The Foundation Era takes place after the Castor Alliance and Pollux Imperium became allies.

Unity Era: GSY 10745 - GSY 10768 (23 Years)

Talon Wars (Era): GSY 10768 - GSY 10773 (5 Years)

Discord Era: GSY 10881 - GSY 10893 (12 Years) The Alliance and Imperium go to war after almost 200 years of peace, the Alliance beat the Alliance after the Vira Brotherhood staged a coup, becoming the leaders of the Alliance. Many species native to Castor left the Brotherhood, as they opposed the violent nature the Vira assumed.

Oppression Era: GSY 10893 - GSY 11087 (194 Years) The Alliance rules the Twins with an iron fist, oppressing the species of Castor, while the Pollux natives are treated very well. Life in Pollux pretty much stayed the same, whereas in Castor, millions of sentients have been enslaved, the ones who haven't live in fear of the Alliance.

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