The Alliance Special Operations Brigade was an Alliance military unit active during the Talon Wars. Members of the unit were reassigned after the end of the Talon Wars, but the unit was reactivated during the Discord Era.


When the Talon Wars began, Alliance High Command felt they needed commandos capable of carrying out independent operations behind enemy lines for extended periods of time. ASOB was formed for this.

Command StructureEdit

The ASOB consisted of 500 soldiers, broken down as follows:

  • Alliance Special Operations Brigade - 5 Companies

Each squad consisted of 3 Privates, and a Corporal. A Sergeant was usually assigned, but most Sergeants were in command of several squads. When available, a Vira officer was attached to a squad as well.


The ASOB specialized in guerrilla warfare, anti-terrorist operations, intelligence gathering missions. Anything that required more professionalism, dedication, and skill than you would get from a standard soldier is handled by an ASOB squad.

Members of ASOBEdit

ASOB soldiers were very different from standard soldiers; ASOB personnel were "tube-born", humans that were created in a lab to be "perfect".

Members of ASOB started training at only 13 standard years old and went through 5 years of intensive training, all of which used live rounds. They are considered the best of the best. During the Talon Wars the Pollux Imperium occasionally requested an ASOB squad for difficult operations.

Notable SquadsEdit

Razor Squad