Adjuncts were devices worn by Vira to enhance their abilities. Adepts wore only one Adjunct, while Peacekeepers wore two.


The art of Adjunct construction was taught when a Vira reached the rank of Apprentice, and once they were capable, they built their own Adjunct under the tutelage of an Elder. Adjuncts were powered by an Elorium crystal, which would power an Adjunct far longer than its owner would live.

Adjuncts were approximately the length of the forearm of its wearer, running from elbow to wrist, encircling the entire arm. Adjuncts had a black synthleather glove attached to the wrist with the top part of the Adjunct extending to cover the back of the wearer's hand.

Adjuncts were held in place by a series of grip panels which would prevent the device from being removed without the wearer's consent. Most Vira preferred to only wear their Adjunct when needed, but some wore theirs at all times.

Adjuncts had a small screen with a 6 button control panel and a holoprojector, text entry could be achieved by neural dictation. Adjuncts were equipped with a low-power communications suite, providing a maximum unobstructed horizontal communications range of 50 km; with line-of-sight to an orbital communications relay, an Adjunct could contact any subspace communicator in The Twins.